Managing Easy Digital Downloads Extensions

There's no denying that Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is a fantastic product. You have access to a vast array of extensions to customise your digital download store. However, this can sometimes result in a site with more than a dozen EDD extensions installed which can be awkward to manage.

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SEO Media Manager Updated! (v0.6)

An update to the SEO Media Manager plugin has just been released. This updated includes two new filters to allow for more control over how uploaded, and batch processed, media are formatted. Normally this is controlled only by plugin settings.

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Simple Sitemap Pro Updated to v0.4

An update to the Simple Sitemap Pro plugin has just been released.

This update adds a filter for post titles so that long titles can be shortened for specific posts. Quite often you’ll have one or more post titles that are very long and would’t display very well in a sitemap. With the new filter you can change the sitemap title for any post to whatever you want.

Here is an example of how to use this new filter:

function filter_title_text($title_text) {

	// Note: The titles are case sensitive so make sure you match the title exactly!
	if( $title_text == 'Long Post Title We Want to Shorten' )
		$title_text = 'Shorter Title';

	if( $title_text == 'Another Long Post Title That Needs Shortening!' )
		$title_text = 'Another Shorter Title';

	return $title_text;
add_filter( 'simple_sitemap_pro_title_text', 'filter_title_text' );

See the plugin documentation for more details.