Content Censor

Content Censor

A one-stop-shop to protect your site content today from profanity and inappropriate content. Automatically moderates every comment left on your site too!

Protect your site today from profanity, explicit or inappropriate content, and abusive terms with our easy to use plugin.

Content Censor also has a built-in analyzer which actively scans your ENTIRE site, flagging specific instances (and the location) of unwanted content. With a range of flexible configuration options, you’ll be up and running protecting your site in no time.

Plugin Features

  • Protect your site in seconds
  • Works right out of the box
  • Probably the easiest way to protect your site from unwanted content
  • Choose which WordPress content to filter
  • Built-in scanner actively searches ALL content and compiles a report of matched terms
  • Case sensitive/insensitive search options
  • Strict or non-strict filtering options to ignore terms embedded in other words
  • Choice of characters and formatting options to replace matched terms on the front end
  • *NEW* Automatically filter bbPress, and BuddyPress content too (if those plugins are active).

The Content Censor plugin enables you to easily filter out and remove unwanted words and phrases anywhere on your site including comments which makes it ideal for automatic comment moderation!

Simply enter a list of keywords to specify unwanted content keyword phrases and let the plugin do the rest. No other configuration is required, but there are extensive options to tweak how censored content is filtered and displayed on the front end of your site.

List of censored keywords

The plugin gives you full control over which areas of your website have their content filtered. By default, content is filtered on all Pages and Posts including any excerpts, but you can select any combination from the following options

  • Page and Post Titles
  • Page and Post Content
  • Comments
  • Tags
  • Tag Cloud

Choose sections of website to filter

You can also exclude specific Posts and Pages on your website from being censored. You just need to enter their ID’s and the Plugin will take care of that for you.

Choose to exclude website pages from censor list

When any of your keywords are matched, they are replaced with wild card characters. Options are available to retain the first letter only, show the first and last letters or replace all letters (wild card characters only).

Choose how characters are replaced during censoring

All plugin settings (apart from the license key) can be reset at any time to return settings to their defaults. The license key field is not included in the reset for convenience.

Note: If bbPress is installed (and activated) then Content Censor will filter bbPress titles/content too.

Example Usage

Say you wanted to remove all instances of the word ‘apple’ from your site. Just add it to the list of keywords on the plugin settings page.

Then, wherever ‘apple’ is used in a title, page content, comment etc. it will be replaced with a censored placeholder as follows:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


An ***** a day keeps the doctor away.

You can enter as many keywords as you wish. So, if you wanted to also flag the word ‘doctor’ then add it to the keyword list and the above sentence would now be displayed as:

An ***** a day keeps the ****** away.

One of the ways you can control how words are filtered is by using strict filtering. When enabled, flagged keywords which are embedded in whole words are ignored. So, if one of your specified keywords is ‘pet’ this is how it would appear:

Enter the competition and see what you could win!

and with strict filtering disabled:

Enter the com***ition and see what you could win!

Actively Removing Unwanted Content From Your Site

Content Censor does a great job at protecting your site from unwanted content, but what if you wanted to actively remove all instances, or replace them with more appropriate content?

To do this you need to know exactly where the inappropriate content is located on your site. With Content Censor you can easily do just that! Using the built-in content scanner you can search your entire site for any unwanted words or phrases.

To get started select the Scan Content tab in plugin settings.

Scan Content Tab

The content scanner interface is pretty simple. There is just a single Scan Now button that commences the scan. Once running, your sites entire content will be scanned for unwanted content.

Scan Content in Progress

In just a short while (depending on the size of your site) a report is compiled showing every matched keyword. Note: The keyword used to match unwanted content are taken from the Keywords to Remove text box on the Filter Settings tab.

Scan Content Results

The screenshot above shows the results of an example content scan. There were just 3 words specified in the list of keywords in plugin settings: Apple|Pear|Orange. Strict filtering was also set to ON, and case insensitive matching was enabled.

Note: these are the default settings for strict filtering and case insensitive matching so no extra configuration was required.

As you can see results are split into individual WordPress post types. This is very useful as you could have several different post types active (events, documentation, slides, testimonials, portfolios etc.), so seeing matched results against each post type makes it much clearer where unwanted content is located on your site.

For each post type matched results are further split into individual posts containing at least one match. Each match is shown in square brackets separated by a colon (:) character. The text on the left points to where the match occurred (e.g. Title, Content, Comments etc.), and the text on the right shows keyword(s) found.

To remove or edit each instance of unwanted content simply click the title link for any matched result to go directly to the relevant page (opens in a new window) where you can manage the unwanted content as required.

For full details of plugin settings check out the documentation. And if you need more information please contact us here for pre-sales questions. We’d love to hear from you.

Content Censor Changelog

Version 0.4 - 13th March, 2017

  • Added new option to ignore HTML tags and attributes. This helps when some of your keywords might match URLs used in image tags or anchor (link) tags.

Version 0.3 - 1st September, 2016

  • Fixed bugs in BuddyPress filter callback functions.

Version 0.2 - 31st May, 2016

  • Added support for filtering BuddyPress titles, content, and comments!
  • Fixed bug when replacing first or first/last letter in matched keyword. Replaced characters now respect the original case.

Version 0.1 - 10th March, 2016

  • Initial release.