Flexible FAQs

Flexible FAQs

The most flexible FAQ plugin for WordPress! Includes over 90 professional quality pre-defined FAQ themes and a custom drag/drop interface to organize FAQs. Designed to handle small or large numbers of FAQs with ease.

Our Flexible FAQs WordPress plugin allows you to create and manage small or large numbers of FAQs. Take advantage of powerful FAQ blocks to edit and preview your FAQs in real-time without having to leave the editor window. Reordering FAQs is simple via the powerful drag/drop interface.

Flexible FAQs Block Editor

Feel Right At Home

Managing FAQs is very fast as you can edit sets of FAQs in just one centralized location. Some plugins only allow you to edit one FAQ at a time which is very tedious if you have more than just a few items.

Flexible FAQs Post Editor

Responsive by Default!

All FAQs by default are fully responsive and look great on all devices. You don’t have to lift a finger, FAQs work as you’d expect right out of the box. Check out the live demo to see for yourself!

Reduce Support Requests

Flexible FAQs reduces customer support requests, leaving you more time to focus on your core business.

More Features Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

Get exactly the FAQ style you’re after. Tweak as many options as you need. With so many options available you have total control over how your FAQs are displayed.

We’ve worked very hard at getting as many features packed into Flexible FAQs as possible. You’re job as a site administrator just got a whole lot easier!

Unique Drag/Drop Interface

The FAQ admin editor is based around a drag/drop user interface. Reorder and update FAQs on your site in seconds.

Reorder Flexible Faqs

FAQ Groups

If you wish to display multiple sets of FAQs then you can use FAQ groups. First, add the sets of FAQs you want to display together into a common FAQ group. Then, simply select this group via an FAQ block or shortcode. It’s really that simple.

FAQ Groups Admin
FAQ Groups Editor

FAQ Shortcodes Available Too

As well as FAQ blocks we’ve also provided FAQ shortcodes too. We understand that not everyone wants to, or is able to, use the new FAQ block editor. And so for every FAQ block there’s a matching FAQ shortcode.

Reorder Flexible Faqs

Coming Soon…

Flexible FAQs is a comprehensive plugin already, but we’re not done yet. Not by a long way! We have an extensive list of features that we plan to add to subsequent plugin versions.

Here’s a sneak peek at the features that will be added next:

  • Full support for FAQ Schema.
  • FAQ font options.
  • Submit FAQs from the frontend.
  • Even more FAQ themes (100+ unique designs).
  • More styling options.
  • More expand/collapse SVG icons.
  • Plus many more…

Flexible FAQs Changelog

Version 0.5.5 - 3rd August, 2020
  • Initial release!
Version 0.5.6 - 11th August, 2020
  • Fixed bug in FAQ menu item order.
  • Fixed bug in FAQ custom post type editor. Incorrect formatting icons displayed.
Version 0.5.7 - 21st August, 2020
  • New: Added feature to temporarily disable individual FAQ items on the FAQ custom post type editor.
  • Update: Made fully compatible with WordPress 5.5.
  • Update: Began major refactoring project that will drastically improve efficiency going forward.
  • Update: Other FAQ editor minor tweaks.
  • Update: Enqueueing code to be more efficient.
  • Fix: CSS border issue on FAQ editor for individual FAQ items.
  • Fix: Issues with register_rest_route().
Version 0.5.8 - 2nd November, 2020
  • New: Added new feature to duplicate an existing set of FAQs.
  • Update: Compatibility updates for WordPress 5.5.3.