Managing Easy Digital Downloads Extensions

There’s no denying that Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is a fantastic product. You have access to a vast array of extensions to customise your digital download store. However, this can sometimes result in a site with more than a dozen EDD extensions installed.

And because all extensions begin with the letter ‘E’ they appear towards the top of the admin plugins page. This makes managing your other plugins more awkward because you have no choice but to continuously scroll past every extension!

Is Their A Solution?

Once an EDD extension has been installed and activated there is no real benefit to having it continuously displayed. What if there was a simple way you could easily toggle all EDD extensions from view, but quickly restore them if needed? Hmmm…

Well, from today you can do just that! We’re proud to introduce our new plugin “EDD Hide Extensions”. Once activated a small arrow icon appears to the right of the main EDD plugin title.

Simply click this icon and all extensions are magically hidden under the main EDD plugin.

Clicking the down arrow makes the extensions visible again. Information about hidden extensions are displayed via icons to the right of the main EDD plugin.

Hovering the mouse over the ‘eye’ icon displays a popup icon showing the number of extensions hidden.

Similarly, when updates are available for one or more extensions the red ‘update’ icon show a popup label with the number available to updated.

Note: If no updates are available for any EDD extension then the ‘update’ icon doesn’t appear at all.

What Do You Think?

We’d love to know what you think about our new EDD Hide Extensions plugin. Do you currently have an EDD powered site with multiple extensions installed? Do you think this plugin would help you manage your plugins?

Why not give it a try today. You have nothing to lose with our 100% money back guarantee. There’s no risk at all!

EDD Hide Extensions

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