EDD Hide Extensions

EDD Hide Extensions

Toggle the visibility of ALL Easy Digital Downloads Extensions! Free up lots of space on the WordPress plugins page.

This is an essential plugin for anyone who uses Easy Digital Downloads.

On a site that uses Easy Digital Downloads you can typically have over a dozen (or more) extensions installed. Unfortunately on the main plugins page in the WordPress admin this means you have lot’s of plugins to scroll past to manage your other plugins.

But not any more! See below for how easy it is to hide EDD extensions.

Using this handy little plugin you can now very easily toggle the visibility of all your EDD extensions. Once hidden, your extensions collapse underneath the main EDD plugin.

Icons are added to show information about how many extensions are hidden, plus how many (if any) have updates available. If any extensions do need updating then simply click to expand the list again and update as necessary. Once complete just hide them again. Easy!

This makes managing all your other plugins a breeze. Now, you only ever have ONE EDD plugin visible which cuts down on the list of plugins you have to scroll past dramatically.

Features at a glance:

  • Toggle the visibility of all EDD extensions
  • Visibility persists between page loads
  • Icons show how many extensions hidden and which ones need updating
  • Makes navigating the WordPress admin plugins page much easier!
  • Super fast one-click to hide extensions
  • Hides extensions whether EDD main plugin is activated or deactivated!

Easy Digital Downloads – Hide Extensions Changelog

Version 0.1 - 6th April, 2017

  • Initial release.