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Some years ago I released a free plugin, called Contemplate (Content + Template), that allowed you to create your own content templates and then display them anywhere on your site via a shortcode. It’s been four years since the last update and in the meantime the plugin didn’t work as it should.

So, over the weekend, I delved into the code and brought it back up to date to work with the very latest version of WordPress. It now works as well as it ever did and is ready to be extended to incorporate new features. One of the most commonly requested features was to be able to rename the content template shortcodes. This will be added in an upcoming version to make the plugin much more flexible.

Contemplate is incredibly useful for anyone with a WordPress site. Just think back to how many times you’ve added blocks of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in multiple places, only to then have to update them at some point. If you’ve added the same content in multiple places on your site it can be very tedious and time consuming to hunt down each instance and update. And the chances are that you’ll make a mistake somewhere! Not an ideal situation.

With Contemplate you define a template ONCE, and add it to your site as many times as you like. If you ever need to update the template then you do so in just one location and ALL instances of that template across your site will be updated! No more wasted time, or error prone editing. Let Contemplate take care of it for you.

Try Contemplate today, it’s 100% FREE!

Download Contemplate

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