SEO Media Manager Updated! (v0.6)

An update to the SEO Media Manager plugin has just been released.

This updated includes two new filters to allow for more control over how uploaded, and batch processed, media are formatted. Normally this is controlled only by plugin settings.

But for further fine grained control you can now use the built-in filters to tweak either the media ‘title’ or ‘alt’ fields however you like!

Here is some sample code showing how to use the new filters:

add_filter( ‘seo_media_manager_title’, function ($title) {
return "my custom title"; // or $title . " my custom title";

add_filter( ‘seo_media_manager_alt’, function ($alt) {
return "my custom alt"; // or $alt . " my custom alt";

This is a great addition to SEO Media Manager as you now have complete control over how the media title or alt fields are formatted.

If you haven’t checked out the plugin yet then why not download it today and try it out on your site by taking advantage of our no-risk 100% money back guarantee! 🙂

SEO Media Manager

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