New Gutenberg Block Development Tutorial Released

The new Gutenberg editor will launch with the release of WordPress 5.0 so there’s not a lot of time left to get acquainted with it if you’re a plugin developer.

Don’t panic though! I’ve been writing a Tuts+ tutorial series on the new editor, specifically how to create new content blocks that users can add to their posts and pages.

I’m pleased to announce that part 3 is now available.

In this part I cover all you need to know about creating a block from scratch including the all important registerBlockType() function.

I walk you through how to create a specific Gutenberg block to display a random image from the PlaceIMG web service. I also show how to implement a block setting to select the category of image displayed via a drop down control.

The tutorial includes all the JavaScript, React, and JSX you need to know to get your feet wet with Gutenberg block development.

In part 4 I’ll expand the scope of the random image block by adding even more settings which will be accessible via a dedicated control panel. I’d love to hear your comments about the tutorial and what you’d like to see in future tutorials.

Here at WPGO Plugins we’re already working hard to convert existing plugins to work with the new Gutenberg editor and we have plans to develop some exciting new plugins that will use all the features of Gutenberg to great effect.

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