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Hello and welcome to WPGO Plugins! After much hard work the site is finally ready. To start off with we have four great plugins which are available right now, with many more planned in the coming months.

We have several plugins that are in early development so make sure you keep checking back to see what’s new. Or, even better sign up to our newsletter and get all the latest news and announcements.

Let’s take a closer look at the plugins we currently have available.

Content Censor

Content Censor If your site could potentially contain inappropriate content (e.g. profanity, abuse etc.) then you should definitely try Content Censor. This plugin protects your site content and includes automatic user comment moderation too! You can also scan your entire site to actively locate unwanted content using the flexible content scanner tool included with Content Censor. A report is compiled with any flagged content along with handy links to allow you to go directly to the offending content and deal with it as you wish.

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Simple Sitemap Pro

Simple Sitemap Pro Embedding a HTML sitemap can be very useful for your site visitors as well as for SEO purposes. Simple Sitemap Pro allows you to insert a fully formatted sitemap in seconds to any post, page, or text widget! Just enter a simple shortcode to create a sitemap that is always up to date and looks fantastic. Display posts from ANY custom post type and order them however you wish. You can even embed your sitemap inside a tabbed layout! And, of course, Simple Sitemap Pro will always render a fully responsive sitemap so you can be sure it looks great on all browsers and mobile devices!

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SEO Media Manager

SEO Media Manager If you’ve ever uploaded items to the WordPress media library before then you’ll know how tedious it can be to have to manually edit the ugly default media titles. SEO Media Manager saves you a huge amount of time by automatically formatting media to your specifications via powerful and flexible settings. Format existing media too, as many times as you like, with the built-in batch processor tool. Choose specific items from the media library, or ALL media items, and the batch processor will quickly format media for you. This is an incredibly useful tool you don’t want to miss, creating SEO rich media titles with no effort at all!

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jQuery UI Widgets Pro

jQuery UI Widgets Pro jQuery UI Widgets Pro provides a complete solution to allow you to easily add jQuery UI scripts as well as custom jQuery and JavaScript code to your WordPress site. You can also add custom CSS to style jQuery UI components. This plugin supports the entire range of jQuery UI widgets, effects, and interactions. You can also add any jQuery UI scripts, and custom code/styles globally (i.e. to all pages) or to specific pages on your site. That’s right! You can easily pick and choose which pages certain scripts and custom code are added to. This plugin is so flexible! If you’re using jQuery UI, jQuery, JavaScript, or custom CSS on any of your WordPress pages then you’ll find this plugin invaluable!

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Tell Us What You Think!

Try any of our plugins totally risk free with our 100% money back guarantee. And, as always, please keep in touch with your thoughts and suggestions. Our plugins are developed with YOU in mind, so let us know what you’d like to see in the way of new plugins, and additional features for our existing plugins.

Now, why not go and download one of our plugins right now?

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